Other Services We Offer

Cowork30 is a prominent on-demand solution provider.

The firm presently boasts an experienced team led by partners with professional backgrounds spanning 20 to 30 years. In addition to our central office in Mumbai, Cowork maintains a nationwide presence through a network of associates.

1. Corporate services / Secretarial Practices

Corporate services and secretarial practices are essential components of effective business management. These functions encompass administrative tasks, compliance with legal regulations, and facilitating smooth communication. They ensure an organization's operations run efficiently and in accordance with laws, contributing to its overall success and reputation.

2. Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assurance is a critical financial practice that ensures the accuracy and reliability of financial statements and reports. It involves independent examination and verification of an organization's financial records, internal controls, and compliance with regulatory standards. This process helps stakeholders make informed decisions and enhances financial transparency.

3. Taxation

Taxation is the process by which governments collect revenue to fund public services and projects. It involves imposing charges on individuals and businesses based on their income, profits, or consumption. Taxation is a critical aspect of fiscal policy and plays a key role in shaping a country's economic and social development

4. Office boy services

Office boy services provide essential administrative support within offices. These individuals handle tasks such as filing, photocopying, making coffee, and running errands. Their role is crucial in maintaining a well-organized and efficient workplace, allowing other staff to focus on their core responsibilities.

5. Liasioning Services

Liaisoning Services involve facilitating communication and collaboration between individuals, organizations, or government entities. They play a vital role in bridging gaps, ensuring smooth interactions, and expediting processes in various sectors, such as business, government, and healthcare. Effective liaisoning services enhance efficiency and build productive relationships.